Author From the Grassroots

Joyce Godwin Grubbs Author

  I write convoluted story-lines; speed reading risks missing clues and subtleties.

  'Rising Star" and "World by the tail" are two phrases that described this moment in time when discussing Tori Rae Sebolt.   A super-star in the field of "Shadow-agents" doing the highest risk, under-cover security for the rich and famous, her pending nuptials with super-star, super-bowl, NFL player Luke Butcher, were about to catapult them into being a true super-couple. "About to be" being the operative phase. 

When learning the truth about life, that it is about more than success, fame ,and having it all, too often  "one has to be first, laid flat of one's back", to be forced to look up. Then you see what a "life imperative" truly is.

Losing it all will take Tori "to the mat" as she first gives up on life, then goes after it with a vengeance. There will be consequences along the way, loss of the most personal nature, and lessons learned from the encounters with  lethal enemies. There will also be rewards coming from the least expected places. Being taken into the lives of "throwaway" children is only the beginning. "It takes a Village" takes on new meaning at an under-ground, transitional ranch for the highest-risk victims/survivors in the isolation of Wyoming.

With life and death in the balance, will she throw caution to the wind and align with the man who referred to her as "plain Jane", "Milly Milquetoast" to her perspective client? The man who tried to break she and Luke up? Would she take the chance knowing he also knew her to be someone, who by his own admission, "can kick the ass of a man twice her size and never break a nail?"

The world of grief, loss, trust defiled, would all strike at the heart and soul of Tori when she discovers an unbelievable, unforgivable, secret about Luke and her nemesis, Hunter Summers.