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Joyce Godwin Grubbs has created an incredible story

that weaves through the emotional triangle that military members and their families are faced with in her most recent novel. Joyce uses her platform as an author to tackle the issues faced by today’s military families.  She addresses the emotions created by the stress of everything from, waiting for that day of departure, adjusting to being alone or deployed and then renegotiating expectations upon return.  Not to mention the difficulty of reintegrating back into a society that goes about its business as if nothing has ever changed. 

It has been almost ten years since the events that took place on 9-11, changed the entire world.  Since that time, military families have coped with a myriad of incredibly dangerous deployments where the level of violence goes unmatched in recent history.  Only those who have gone through it themselves are likely to understand what it takes these days to succeed and survive as a warrior, or as a family member in todays military.  And the reality is that this country will likely be at war for a long time; not all of our warriors will return.  


      Since 9-11, the operational tempo for today’s warriors has increased tenfold and rarely do they have the opportunity to reconcile who ‘they were’ with the person they have become before the next deployment kicks in.  Combat, changes a person, often it changes a person for the better, still reintegrating back into normal, everyday life can be difficult if not impossible for some.  Godwin-Grubbs’ exploration of the issues faced by military families through the characters is a gift from her to all of us.  She enables us all to understand and discuss the emotional stages that both military members and their families go through when faced with any deployment.  It doesn’t matter if it is a deployment for training or a real world deployment into harm’s way. 


      Joyce Godwin Grubbs is a champion for our warriors and she makes it possible for every American to understand their role and how they can support these wonderful men and women as they return.  This is a wakeup call to a society that is not facing the reality of the war we are fighting and it is a wakeup call so that we do not repeat past mistakes.  Our members of the United States Military are extraordinary citizens who all volunteered to defend our great nation, no matter what the sacrifice.  They have taken a stance in the name of freedom so that we may all sleep soundly in our beds at night.  They are willing to stand a post to protect our great nation.  They do it for love of God, and country, of home and family.  They understand that to love freely, requires fighting for it.  Not all of them will return; they all deserve our utmost respect and admiration for they are defenders of our right to live and love freely.   

Sgt. Jason Tanner in Afghanistan





 Sgt. Tanner retires.


God bless our troops and our great nation,

S. B. Newman, Author “The Night Eagles Soared.”