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The Author's platform is based on her expansive experience as a  "People Person" professionally and throughout her life. The author   spent years working as a Domestic Violence, Rape Sexual Assault      Counselor with a nursing background. It  impacted her desire to         write and inspire others about positive actions and solutions.


She worked with patients in residential psychiatric facilities for adults  and children; as well as clients in addiction programs. This gave her  the basis for exciting and varied experiences to draw on for her stories and a desire to champion the victims into survivors through  her  writings.


                                      ***************              (1985)



              The Author and her sister

                 Officer Trula Godwin

Working with her sister, Trula Godwin, a decorated  pioneer  policewoman, was especially rewarding. They both loved to be of service to those who choose to "walk on the wild side" in the inner city,  as homeless and street people.

The author was privy to many  confidences, and involved in many out of the ordinary experiences, in cooperation with the police. Together they worked with  the people  who make up this world of shadows hidden too many in today's  society.


                      TO READ MORE ABOUT TRULA

                            ( Pictured  below)                                                                         


 (Trula was inducted into the Iowa Women's Archives housed at the Library of the University of Iowa posthumously). 



The author, Joyce Godwin Grubbs is founder of The Trula Godwin Project. It is a 100% volunteer project to help victims move thru the underground to escape abuse be it domestic violence or rape sexual assault. There has been a sense of giving back for help family members received in her lifetime. This work continued until July of 2015.



      Mother,next to Future Author, and Standing is Sister Trula, future pioneer police woman.                        


                  JOYCE GODWIN GRUBBS                                                                      

In 1982 the author co-founded Project FINISH, a housing concept for mentally ill adults living independently in the community. At it's peak, it had 114 living units in two states  . Following the successful establishment  of that program, she was solicited by the State of Iowa Department of Human Services to present at a Conference on starting housing  initiatives for Mentally Ill in a community.            



            1984 was a Red Letter Year                                

In 1984 the author received the Iowa Epsilon Sigma Alpha International Diana Award for Volunteerism  as the Iowa Diana Volunteer of the Year.   
She placed in the top five when entered into  International competition for the  International Diana Award
These volunteer efforts were part of her ongoing work  in her organization with the mentally ill, homeless, addicts and victims of abuse.

She also reveled in her sister, Police officer Trula Godwin's, recognition as one of  the top five women in law enforcement. Trula also won an Award  from the International  Women's Police Association for heroism.  



Trula is a pioneer as a woman police officer and is recognized in the Iowa Women's Archives at the University of Iowa recognizing Influencial Women in Iowa's history.  



 That same year the author's step-father, Dr. Willard M. Smith,  was recognized as International Chiropractor of the Year, and her mother was  honored by the Women's Auxilary of the International Chiropractic Association.   



1984 touched the author's life with the recognition that her family had indeed, moved the family up in terms of overcoming past challenges . The family no longer lived under the shadow of social stigma of poverty, but rather   enjoyed  a general acceptance and one could see an upward direction for the family to continue .                                                                           


Joyce  and "Doc"  (Dad)      Mother and Trula   




1984-1985 was a red letter year for   our  family.  





  ABOUT THE AUTHOR'S LEGACY STORIES AND HOW THEY CAME TO BE.                                  

The author's varied work  experiences over the years, often holding two jobs to help finance the start of the non-profit, Project Finish, brings   a wealth of experience to her stories. Her stories are drawn from  her background in nursing, community organizing, advocacy  for Domestic Violence  and Rape Sexual assault victims.

As a business owner  in  the wellness field and massage therapy, she created unique connections to authors, politicians and sports figures. 

This cornucopia of experiences has resulted in more than sixty legacy  stories about  people experiencing real lives of;                                                                                            Homeless;  abused; disabled; judicially compromised; pimps;  prostitutes; and the lives of ordinary people doing extraordinary   things.

She has met Presidents and prominent politicians, famous and infamous, and was privileged to know many unique people living their lives as survivors and some underground for protection.    




Involved in public speaking and active in politics; including as a candidate for public office at the city level of    government.         

Pictured (left) at her most successful

               "Celebrity Auction Fundraiser"



She welcomed donations from: 

Dolly Parton-- --


Kurt Vonnegaut,


Congressman Tom Tauke, --


Actress Elizabeth Taylor,


Burt Lancaster -


Clint Eastwood


Lady Thatcher--


Linda McCartney (wife of

Beatles Paul McCartney)


The Cubs--   


President Bush '41   


 The Cardinals     

 and numerous others. 




Godwin-Grubbs  is best known for championing controversial issues including domestic violence, rape/sexual assault, and as an independent advocate for the homeless and mentally ill.   


 As a candidate for City Council even the youngest constituents were heard. This   young man  wanted to meet the President (George H. W. Bush) forty-one. The author took him to a political  barbecue on a farm in Iowa. He made friends with  Mrs. Barbara Bush as well. Read about it in the  author's Legacy story, "Behind Every Bush (President Bush, that is).   



The Author and her husband met at Oklahoma State University 1961.


With three children and eleven grandchildren, her husband of more than fifty years has been at her side through thick and thin, success and failure. You might enjoy the legacy story of the "Blip on  Our Marital Radar".They continue to build on their common Oklahoma background and   "in common"  family challenges from childhood.


Her's is a lifetime worth exploring.  Her humor as well as her  insights, continue to encourage everyone to find the best in their lives, and to pass it forward. Her legacy stories are forthright and unconventional in their down to earth "tell it like it is approach.                                                              


The author, Joyce Godwin Grubbs, currently resides in Iowa with her husband , a retired teacher and coach and fanatical supporter of Greyhound adoptions.

 She remains tightly attached  to the cousins and relatives of her Oklahoma childhood who  experienced many of the adventures and disasters of the time.

Her three children are grown and live in Iowa, Wisconsin and Ohio. The challenge to them is to continue the Legacy of the family and record  it for generations to come.    



"Life is not a journey meant to end with a pretty body tied up in a    pretty package, but rather to come skidding in broadside, at full  speed and out of breath shouting; "Wow, What a ride". (Borrowed).                                                                           

This author has lived such a life. Now turned 72, this babe of the  forties grew up in the segregated south so poor, her white family   rented from a black landlord. In the segregated south of the forties, that was poor.


 Some of the interesting Legacy stories are of the "Salt and Pepper Team" concerning her enduring friendship with Dr.Ida "Pepper" Johnson, and the author is known as Salt. The two were mutual combatants against the naysayers in the inner-city works in Davenport, Iowa when the two were fighting to help get affordable housing and services for the homeless and "in-need" low income. They remain supportive in efforts that are ongoing to assist those in need. Dr. Ida has received many commendations and recognitions nationally and through many organizations and educational institutions. 



In  childhood the author's extended family had many members who were dysfunctional, struggling  with problems ranging from domestic violence, divorce, alcohol  abuse to illiteracy . This led , in some cases, to sexual abuse and a need for the author to learn  coping skills far beyond her years.

But, the author has found humor, love, strong work ethic, and the love of God made her a valuable  person.

Life rewarded her with a loving husband,  devoted  children, and a new generation of 11 grandchildren who call her Grandma Lady.    




As a wife, mother of three, grandmother of eleven, and lifelong  champion of the underdog, there are still struggles in her life  path.  The author now enjoys knowing her family is secure,  functional and making a difference in the world around them.     

 Author Joyce Godwin Grubbs 72nd birthday celebration was focused on being with her three children for the occasion. 


     A listening heart and ear to the disabled, elderly, street people, mentally ill, dis-possessed, and a commitment to action rather than complacency, led to her nomination for the IOWA AND INTERNATIONAL DIANA AWARD. 

 Winning the Iowa DIANA Award led to being entered into international competition and she placed in the top five in International  competition.                                        










On January 8th, 2010, Joyce Godwin Grubbs was recipient of the Cable Muse Network, LLC 2009 Editor's Choice Award  for her work ‘Conspiracy in the Heartland’ and ‘Angels Unaware’.
“Joyce spoke for people when they felt their stories were  lost”.
                Ben Cable Journalist:








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